TrueYou: Identity Manager

TrueYou FAQ's

  • Q: What is TrueYou?

    A: TrueYou is the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska State College System's Identity Manager, which provides the underlying authentication information for various campus-wide systems, such as SAP, Firefly and the Student Information System. The goal of TrueYou is to reduce the number of ID's and passwords that you are required to know by using this authentication information in multiple systems.

    TrueYou contains industry-standard functionality such as:

    • User information self-service
    • Password resetting
    • Management of lost passwords
    • Password expiration intervals based on degree of access in each system
  • Q: What is Identity Management?

    A: Identity Management is the management of the life cycle of credentials for users that need access to various campus resources, both technical and physical. The Identity Management project was started to find an easy way to get employees, students and others associated with the campus access to the resources they needed as quickly as possible. If you think about all of the things associated with each campus that need to know who you are (applications and websites, building access locks, parking, campus fitness facilities, etc.), finding one common underlying management system for all of those applications within and amongst the campuses has been a challenge.

    Another outcome of this project was the identification and creation of a unique identifier known as the Nebraska Unique Identifier (NUID) to replace the use of the Social Security Number in many applications.

    The long-range plans of the Identity Management project include provisioning and deprovisioning of IDs, which is the ability to automatically turn access on and off based on employment date or some other factor; and federation, which allows systems to “share” ID information between them, which will reduce the number of IDs users are required to enter.

  • Q: What is an NUID?

    A: The NUID (Nebraska Unique Identifier) was developed as a replacement for the Social Security Number as an unique identifier in campus systems. Your NUID is used as your log on ID in several systems, such as Firefly, SAP, the new Student Information Systems and other systems on your campus. Since the NUID is recognized by the University campuses and the State College system, you will have the same NUID at UNK, UNL, UNMC, UNO, Chadron State College, Peru State College and Wayne State College. Those systems that use TrueYou as the authentication system will also have the same ID (NUID) and password for all of those systems.

  • Q: Where can I find my NUID?

    A: Several campuses have printed your NUID on your ID card, so check there first. If you don’t see it there, contact your Campus Helpdesk.

  • Q: What other websites/applications can I use this ID for?

    A: For now, the systems using TrueYou for authentication are Firefly, and the new Student Information System. Other systems will be continued to be added in the future.

  • Q: What is “validating my account”?

    A: Validating your account refers to the act of going to TrueYou to answer your authentication questions. These questions will be presented to you to identify yourself if you need to reset your password in the future. If you have not previously answered these questions, you will not be able to use the password reset self-service function.

  • Q: How do I validate my account?

    A: You will be asked to validate your account the first time you log into Firefly after your password expires or the first time you log into TrueYou directly. After changing your password, you will be presented with five questions to which you will need to answer two. After completing this process, you can close TrueYou and use that new password to log into Firefly.

  • Q: Who do I call if I need help?

    A: If you need help with your NU ID and password, or validating your account in TrueYou, contact your Campus Helpdesk.

Campus Helpdesk Support

If you need help with your NUID, password, or validating your account in TrueYou, contact your campus helpdesk: