TrueYou: Identity Manager

TrueYou is the Identity Management system where you manage your authentication information, such as changing your password and answering your authentication questions.

Use your TrueYou credentials at all University of Nebraska campuses and Nebraska State Colleges to access:

  • Student Information Systems
  • SAP & Firefly
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Claim Your Identity  

You must claim your TrueYou Identity and establish a password before accessing student, staff or faculty services. The claim process will verify your account with personally identifying information and set up your authentication questions.

Claim Your ID

Enroll in Two-Factor  

Secure your accounts with Two-Factor authentication. Enroll Now.

Enroll in Two-Factor

Re-Activate Account  

Re-Activate your account if you are a former student or alumnus of the University of Nebraska or Nebraska State College systems, seeking transcripts, or a returning student.

Re-Activate Account

Campus Helpdesk Support

If you need help with your NUID, password, or validating your account in TrueYou, contact your campus helpdesk: